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The BMS11203 is an automotive grade Battery Management System (BMS) designed for automotive, recreational, e-Bike, and energy storage applications.  In contrast to existing off-the-shelf solutions, the BMS11203 has full safety isolation, extremely low quiescent current (protects the pack when fully discharged), and is IP-67 weatherproofed for safety and reliability.  Click on the image to view a detailed PDF.

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The BMS2801 is a fully integrated Battery Management System and Power Management System integrated into a single board.  BMS2801 provides integrated 28 cell BMS monitoring features as well as having integrated shunt monitoring (on-board shunt) and high current FET bridge capable of up to 600A discharge.  The PCB uses heavy copper eliminating the need for external bussing and bolts directly to lithium battery modules, providing a turn-key solution for transforming large format batteries into complete packs with safety monitoring and charge/discharge management.



Occam develops its own development and monitoring tools for customer use during integration. The CAN + LIN Converter is one such example which is used for testing and field modification of our BMS system parameters. This board provides the user with two 1Mbit CAN interfaces as well as one LIN interface through a single USB connection (virtual com port).

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Design Approach for Battery Management Systems for Automotive and Industrial Applications.

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